24 Mei 2011

Towards Batam Wonderful Indonesia

Towards Wonderful Batam Indonesia
Entering 2011, the government established "Wonderful Indonesia" as the Indonesian tourism branding. After all this time has no tourism branding, right on 1 January 2011, Indonesia has a new branding for tourism. Branding or brand tourism "Wonderful Indonesia" This reinforces the position of Indonesia in the world tourism map.

After going through a long process, both in accommodating the suggestions and input from various parties, wonderful words finally selected. "We can not take all the proposals from various parties, eventually wonderfullah words that represent Indonesia," said Director General of Marketing Kemenbudpar (Ministry of Culture and Tourism), Sapta Nirwandar, end of year 2010.

Through this new branding is expected to Indonesia's tourism will be more stretched than the branding of "Visit Indonesia Year" that carried since 2008. Wonderful Indonesia Indonesia represents the excess in a variety of things such as Wonderful Nature, Wonderful Culture, Wonderful Food, Wonderful Wonderful People and Value for Money.

Wonderful words of Indonesia, the new branding is ready campaigned throughout the world, through various international media. Wonderful Indonesia ready to compete with other branding such as Amazing Thailand, Incredible India, Malaysia Truly Asia and others.

Minister of Culture and Tourism (Minister of Culture) Jero Wacik said it is preparing a new strategy in the form of four moves to support changes in the tourism slogan of 2011 "Wonderful Indonesia." "Promotion harder, combined with a private budget (for promotion), maintaining stability and security remain conducive to invite journalists to a number of attractions," he said some time ago.

The assertion was related to the target of bringing foreign tourists in 2011 through the slogan of 7.7 million people. "The target this year 7.7 million. In 2011, January has started` Wonderful Indonesia `. Yesterday we had to respond from a friend abroad that Indonesia` Wonderful `that's good because it's natural Indonesia` wonderful `,` wonderful `culture, human , the society `wonderful`, `food` its `wonderful`, so Pantes Indonesia say `wonderful`, "he said.

Jero said the company would continue to promote the new leading tourist destination in Indonesia. A number of excellent new tourist areas that include North Sumtera, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Belitung, Batam-Bintan, almost all tourist areas on the island of Java, Bali, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, East with Komodo and Papua. For Papua, he said, there is Sentani, Baliem and Raja Ampat. In addition, North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi (Wakatobi).

Jero asserted that all tourist potential areas should be encouraged to live and cater for the tourist both horizontally and vertically. "Tourists were happy all kinds, there are tourists prefer the quiet beach and there is also a rather large waves. So, all we develop," he said, mentioning its market share, semuan tilled from the bottom up to the elite class.

The government also will more aggressively promote the branding of "Wonderful Indonesia" in foreign countries in order to compete with other countries. And in this year's targeted advertising "Wonderful Indonesia" will rival the "Truly Asia" Malaysia's.

In addition to the new branding, Kemenbudpar also have set a 2011 tourism theme of "Eco, Culture, and MICE." The government claims, tourist visits in 2010 to reach 7 million foreign tourists. The presence of 7 million foreign tourists in Indonesia has contributed foreign exchange amounting to 7 billion U.S. dollars or equivalent Rp6, 3 trillion.

Year 2011 Kemenbudpar set a target of 7.3 million foreign tourists visit as targets become pessimistic and performance contracts to the President of the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Culture and optimistic target of 7.7 million. Target foreign tourists in 2011 is seen to the perception of the world who began to improve about Indonesia.

The government's goal will be achieved through the slogan "Wonderful Indonesia," which describes the appeal of its people, culture, food, investment, and natural. The slogan "wonderful" suggests something extraordinary and illustrates the unity of various elements of tourism in Indonesia. Tercangkup element in it is the people, culture, national beauty, natural resources, and investment opportunity.

In addition to promote Indonesia through new slogan "Wonderful Indonesia", Indonesian tourism promotion plan will also penetrated the world of cinematography with film-making adventure depicting the natural beauty of Raja Ampat in West Papua, titled "Kohlanta".