05 April 2011

Poco-poco Art Exhibition in Athens

Tarian Poco-poco
London (ANTARA News) - The dance association "Poco-poco" be the culmination event bazaar and art exhibition held Indonesian Community Association of Families in Greece (IKKIY) on page Embassy in Athens, Greece, on Sunday.

The sun in the spring welcomed no less than 400 people crowded the pages of Indonesia and the Greek Embassy in Athens, said Second Secretary Embassy in Athens, Widya Sinedu in his statement to the Between London, on Monday.

Appearances amateur artists that entertain visitors with a little piano and band performances IKKIY who brought folk songs and hits Indonesia as Wulan Long, Dinda, and Manuk Dadali and Greek songs such as I Parhi Zoi and Ligizoi Akomi.

IKKIY coordinated arts opened with a staging of Dance and Dance Jaranan Bird that was delivered in a slick and elegant by the citizens of Indonesia.

Entertainment invite click amazed and pep up the audience in attendance on a sunny day week concluded with Poco-Poco dance together.

Indonesia's traditional stage arts events that brought the Indonesian community in Greece, in the form Jaipong Dance, dance Pongan Langgam and Masks from Java, and dance from East Java Rereogan lively.

Bazaar and the show opened Performing Arts Ambassador, Ahmad Rusdi who welcomed the implementation of this event, as one form of creativity Overseas Indonesian community in the country is a vessel of missed connections and meeting people of Indonesia are generally busy working on a typical day.