05 April 2011

The oldest Quran in Indonesia Shelter to Ternate

Al Quran Tertua didunia
Al-Quran is the oldest in Asia, which brought in the district of Alor, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) belonging to the Sultanate of Ternate will be shown at the festival Legu Gam at 1 and 16 April and can be seen directly by the public.
Committee Chairman Legu Gam, Arifin Djafar in Ternate, said on Thursday that an ancient Koran made of bark, containing the verses of the Quran complete 30 juz (114 letters) by wrapping a box of wood, paraded from the airport, the Sultan Babullah to Kedaton Sultanate of Ternate.

"Scripture is borrowed from Alor District Government to be exhibited at the event Legu Gam MKR 2011. Al-Quran will be read when the parents specified in the event," said Arifin, who is also Deputy Mayor of Ternate. Al-Quran was brought to the Alor ancient Great in 1519 AD by Iang Gogo who wander along the four brothers with a mission to spread Islam to Alor.

At that time, the Koran was brought to the Sultanate Babullah five children sailed from Ternate using a sailboat named Tuma Ninah according to history, which means "Stop / Stop a minute."
Al-Quran is stored in the home cottage circa 1982, at the time, said Arifin big fire that hit the cabin house where this old book store that will consume the entire body and the house including all heritage objects Gogo He brought from Ternate. "But strangely, the Qur'an is not burning the oldest and until now still preserved and intact," said Arifin.

Previously, Al-Quran was brought by rombangan using Express aircraft. Al-Quran was paraded from the airport directly to the Kedaton Babullah Sultanate of Ternate, a distance of about 7 km. The oldest Qur'an was brought by the Sultanate of Ternate, and accompanied by all the empire.